Vincity apartment District 9 – Location – Policies – Price list – Open for sale

Vincity District 9 is a project to boil the real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City in early days of 2017. This really is a low-cost apartment project of Vingroup Group with lots of outstanding advantages asserting to produce. Change the notion of affordable housing and help the lifestyles of the majority of Vietnamese men and women are raised to another height.

Investor: Vingroup – Owner of apartments Vinhomes
Project location: Nguyen Xien street, Phuoc Thien Boat, Long Binh shield, District 9, Ho Chi Minh city. Ho Chi Minh City (Phuoc Thien old island)
Total area: over 365 hectares.
Scale: Expected 71 block apartment block, 44,000 apartments, 500 shop-houses, 1,700 townhouses and villas.
Construction density: By 20 – 25 percent
Executor: Contecons – the biggest contractor in viet nam.
Apartment height of VinCity: out of 22 to 30 floors.
Place: Apartment VinCity District 9 covers an area of ​​30 – 90 m2 (From 1 to 2 3 comfortable bedrooms).
Design: that the apartments will have balconies, many beautiful views and enjoy the cool atmosphere from the Dong Nai River. The elevation of the cascade is about 3.1m.
Facilities: playground, school, hospital, supermarket, children’s pool, sports court, theater, amusement area…
Starting time: 3rd-quarter 2018
Likely to be handed over and placed into operation in 2020.

With a rather low construction density of only 20-25 percent, Vincity District 9 will have a large greenspace and also at the same time possesses the very suitable and comfortable living facilities for its customers. . There have been no projects from the low-end segment that can perform amazing things such as Vincity’s Vincity project.

Location Vincity District 9 is planned to construct in a land region of ​​365ha, situated on Nguyen Xien road in the center of District 9.
As a result of well-planned and synchronous infrastructure in keeping with the country policy, moving from Vincity q 9 project area to the surrounding areas and city centre is very convenient through the land paths. Well constructed as:

Nguyen Van, Nguyen Van Tang, Le Van Viet located in Channel 3 have been expanded.
Route Mai Chi Tho through Thu Thiem Tunnel to East West Boulevard helps associate District 9, District 2 and also the city centre.
Ring-road two Phu My Bridge with Nguyen Van Linh Avenue and Highway Saigon – Trung Luong is going to be completed.
Hanoi Highway continues to be expanded
Infrastructure planning round Vincity Grand Park District 9
All these paths help customers buy apartments V.99 easyto goto the neighborhood in and out of their city.
10 moments to Suoi Tien tourist area
Five Minutes to the Centre of high technology of Ho Chi Minh
10 minutes into Rach Chiec Golf Resort
In addition, that the Metro Rail from Suoi Tien into the city centre is being completed and you will be placed into performance from 20 20 is going to be a plus point to improve the value of Vincity District 9 in the future.
In addition, the Long Thanh International Airport near the projected District 9 Vincity project will begin building in the near future to contribute to the ease of people who should move to remote places.
Vincity District 9 is packed of schools, hospitals, parks, supermarkets…
As stated by representatives of Vingroup, Vincity q 9 will be constructed to a brand new modern metropolitan region with high quality and total system of utilities, synchronization. This endeavor is expected to modify the lifestyles of middle-income earners specifically and improve the standard of life span of the overall populace in viet nam.
Some outstanding facilities in Long Binh Vincity flat District 9:
Almost 200 sports fields, mini football, tennis, badminton, basketball, volleyball.

Absolute region of ​​swimming pool is 13.000m2.
750 outdoor fitness centers, Spa stores…
60ha of all Southeast Asia’s biggest Grand Forest Park was created as Singapore’s famous world by the Bay Park, along the Dong Nai River – Tac River, 2km long, working course.

Intelligent car & car sending system.
The transaction centre with brand new VincomPlus comprises the complete selection of household products, consumed to serve the public.
Entertainment parks such as cinemas, restaurants, pubs, shopping…
Therefore, while living in District 9 Vincity, then you won’t need to go much because all the daily life demands are met on site.
Furthermore, in the low-cost Vincity flat District 9, the direction fee ranged from 6,000 to 10,000 vnd / / m2 / month, that is very good in contrast to the general sector.
Ordinarily, the management fee for flat sections is as follows:
Apartment: approximately 14,000 vnd – 20,000 vnd / m 2.
Mid range apartment: about 8,000 vnd – 12.000 vnd / m 2.
Lowrise apartments: about 3,500 vnd- 6,000 vnd / m 2.
Accordinglywe can easily see that Vincity’s management costs are between mid and low price sections. With this fee, customers benefit from the advantages of Vincity apartment Vinhomes at the apartment is obviously calculated to become too affordable.
This is an extraordinary advantage that lots of customers have realized, contributing to the Hot Vincity job on the market as of this moment, even in the event the job is not open lawfully.
Selling price of district 9 job
Vingroup develops lowcost Vincity apartment brand using targeted clients that are middle income earners. For that reason, Vincity is likely to be a mid-range product with a price that’s affordable for buyers and has got an average expected price across other low-priced flat projects.
At Ho Chi Minh City, Vingroup will sell Vincity Apartment District 9 at economical prices using 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. With the enormous market requirement for flats that are low-cost, in addition to the outstanding strengths, Vincity District 9 promises to become a nuclear bomb to the real estate market at the end of 2018.
Shop-house Vincity Apartment District 9, Vincity town houses District 9, Villa Vincity Villas District 9 is now expected by 4 billion – 20 billion / unit depending on the item. If you want to know more about specific rates, please contact us.
Techcombank will guarantee the inexpensive Vincity apartment.
The moment the Vingroup Group officially found the selling of cheap Vincity apartments, middle-income people, particularly young ones, have been tremendously excited and interested. But moreover, a problem remains limited young folks buy a home is not need enough time to collect assets, so the demand for support from investors and banking components du an vincity quan 9.
Knowing the worries of home buyers, Techcombank, with its own predecessor Vingroup, will give home buyers a loan to buy Vincity apartments with many incentives throughout the upcoming sale. Estimated customers will probably soon be 80 percent of their price of apartments in 3-5 decades.
How to buy Vincity apartment want financial preparation?
According to MinhVinhomes calculations, by way of instance, a 2-bedroom flat in Vincity District 9 will cost about VND1billion, the bank will contribute approximately 80 percent, the buyer might need to prepare 20% comparable to approximately 200m deposit and sign the contract sale of apartments.
With a loan of roughly 1-5 decades, a category of two children having a normal income of 15-22 million monthly may find Vincity apartment.
Opportunity to spend with Inexpensive Vincity apartment of Vingroup Group
Vingroup corporation that has many famous property brands like Vinhomes, Vincom, Vinpearl… very very prestigious and gained the trust from a number of clients.
In actuality, MinhVinhomes has met many investment customers trust Vingroup to not require to watch through the table, do not have to find the sample dwelling, simply know the career was able to close the transaction.
With the enormous demand and the standing of the master, Vincity is actually a rather hot project from early days of 2017. At exactly the exact same moment, with low rates, Vincity apartments will not just attract clients requirement for real property to buy but also draw real estate investors.
Rather than investing in luxury apartments as high as previous years, even in 2017-2018 investors will probably invest more in cheap apartments, which is a good new fashion in the first day of this year.
Furthermore, these services and products of Vincity townhouses at District 9, shop house Vincity District 9, are also products of top investment value because of the resonance of the surrounding facilities together with the enormous number of occupants in attendance. Job.

With buyers, learn more about the apartment you’re just about to buy, the advantages, weaknesses of eating, geographical site, living environment… are factors that many people are interested.
About location: Vincity District 9 is located in Nguyen Phuoc Thien Street, Long Binh Ward is just a much off from the people who live in the city centre, when moving out of District 9 Vincity flat to the guts. District 1 will need roughly 30 minutes.
So, Vincity District 9 will be suitable for people that are living or working in neighboring areas such as District 2, Thu Duc, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Vung Tau, Binh Thanh… or people that want to go live with my own needs.
A long way apart from the middle, Vincity District 9 is in a rapidly developing area, with the infrastructure gradually completed synchronously to satisfy the needs of travel, economical concentration of this industrial complex of this. Leading international companies such as Samsung, Intel…
About Scale: The present projects in District 9 are just a portion of this Vincity project with a total area of ​​365ha.
Flat area: low-cost apartment projects typically have a place of ​​45m2 or more, the majority of their flat is two bedrooms out of 60m2 – 75m2. Though the Vincity apartment has a flexible part of ​​30 – 90m2, there are numerous options for homebuyers

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